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If you have lost your eyebrows, you could consider applying make-up or temporary tattoos. 


Find an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil that is a similar colour to your head hair or wig or simply a colour you like. Sharpen the pencil so that it is very fine.  

Your eyebrows generally follow the shape of your brow bone, take a look at your eye and brow bone and consider the shape of eyebrow you would like. You can also look at old photos of yourself to copy your own eyebrows or photos in your favourite magazine.  

Beginning from the inner part of the eyebrow, start to draw short strokes with the pencil to simulate hair within the shape of the eyebrow you are creating, this will look far more natural than a block of colour. This may sound difficult but is very easy with practice. Your eyebrows do not need to look perfect, natural eyebrows are not! 

Temporary tattoos/eyebrows

There is a huge range of temporary eyebrows available on the internet, coming in various colours, shapes and styles. You could try out different ones depending on your mood and what you're up to.

Semi-permanent make-up (micro-pigmentation)

It is possible to have eyebrows created by cosmetic tattooing, by applying hair like strokes of pigment in the shape of an eyebrow. This is something you could consider and discuss with your parents as a possible option as you get older.   

Practitioners can be found on the the Alopecia UK website or in your local Yellow Pages. The tattoo will fade over time and generally lasts approximately three years. It is sometimes necessary to have additional treatment on a yearly basis to refresh the eyebrow. Although the technique is painful and the most expensive of the options it has the advantage of being fine for swimming and longer lasting than the other techniques.

Date: 21 June 2007